Wedding Page

So you’re Getting Married, Congrats on your upcoming Day!

You’ve Began to Make Your Plans,

Don’t Forget to Add Making Wine to

Your List of Things to Do

Before Your I Do’s!

Why Make Custom Wine?

Firstly, You Save 50-60% or more of the cost of the same Quality You would buy

from theLCBO, Winery, or Venue.

So go ahead and spend the extra money on that Wedding Dress you Really Want!

Secondly, It’s all customized for You,

You can Choose Whatever Wine/Wines you like and Customize them to Your Taste;

Sweetness, Oak etc. Then Pick from our large Variety of Labels and

Have Your Names and Date and/or A Special Saying in the Font of your

Choice Printed on Them right Here in Store!

Thirdly, It’s a great Pre-Wedding Event for your Wedding Party and/or Family!

Get Together For the Bottling Experience, It’s Fun and Easy and Double Bonus,

You Get to Sample While You Bottle!

How Can You Use Custom Wines for Your Big Day?

Put Your Wines on the Dining Tables For Dinner and Toasting!

(We can even make it Sparkling if you Really Want to Celebrate!)

Give Your Guests a Gift They Can enjoy Later, send them home With

a Custom Bottle of Wine!

Check out our Ice Wines and Dessert Wines for a special treat, paired with some

Specialty Chocolates, who wouldn’t be excited about that gift!

Use Wine Bottles for Your Guests to Sign or Leave you a Message.

A memento you Can Enjoy While your Reading it on your First, Second, Third…

Tenth Anniversaries, or a Friday Night (or whenever).

What Do You Need to Know Before You order?

It’s good to have an Idea of What kind of Wine you like, and/or what Meal you

will be serving. If you’re Not a Wine Drinker We Can Make Some Helpful

Suggestions in Popularity and Food Pairings.

***It’s Very Important to give yourself enough Time to Age the Wine!

Not only does it take 5-8 weeks for the Wine to Be made, but when you Bottle your

Wine it’s Young (Acidic) It takes time for the Acidity to smooth out.

Make sure you give yourself at least 4-6 months for aging.

(Especially Red Wines,a high quality full bodied red tastes amazing after 8 months-a Year in the cellar).

*There are exceptions to this rule so don’t fret if you don’t have time.*

Make Sure Your Venue Allows You To Bring Your Own Wine To Serve,

(Depending on what kind of Bar you are running, In Ontario You may Need a Special Occasions Licence from the LCBO To Serve your Own  Wine Over Dinner, $25. A no sale bar means you can serve it over the entire evening.

When Making Your Own Wine Legally You must Pay for it Before It is Started, Pitch

The Yeast, and You Must Bottle it.

Tasting is optional, but really…

Be sure to contact us for Pricing, or if you have any Questions.

Check out Our Buy More Save More Discounts, See How you Can Save Even More.

Congrats Again, we Look forward to Sharing in your Day!